It’s all virtual.

Don’t let geography get in the way! We’re physically located in Portland, Oregon, USA, but we work in the virtual world. We typically run projects entirely online, and in fact have clients we have never met face-to-face. We look forward to working with you, no matter where you are. Contact us by sending an email to Kathleen.

headshotsKathleen Mattson

Kathleen has been in high-tech marketing communications for the last 25+ years, including marketing and technical writing and editing, self-publishing, design, web design and management, general marketing communications, program management, application design, and business development. She can work with your agencies, with your internal team, or just with you one-on-one and be an outsourced part of your team. Send Kathleen an email and read her blog.

Dave Miller

Dave is a technology professional with broad experience in the high-tech industry for over 25 years. He has expertise in software design and development, tools and systems software, real-time, and embedded systems. He is an expert writer, including programming guidelines, technical specifications, and project documentation. He has deep knowledge of C/C++, knowledge and experience working with programming specifications, extensive experience with low-level, embedded systems programming, and a broad range of software engineering experience. Read Dave’s technical blog or send Dave an email.

Extended Team

We also have a team of freelancers and consultants with whom we have worked through the years to lend a hand, including a team of folks who do graphic design and illustration, legal editing, web development and server management, data entry, and a fulfillment team for work such as folding, envelope stuffing, labeling, and more.

Contact us

Email is the best way to reach us. Drop Kathleen a line and we’ll talk about your project.