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Self-publishers have to do it all: write the book, edit it, design the book, do the layout, design a cover, and then market the heck out of it in the hopes to make sales and build an audience. It’s a lot of work! Miller & Mattson helps self-publishers with the production part of things, with full book-production services including editing, book design, layout, indexing, and more.

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Do you have a printout of your document but the file is long gone? Or did you write it out by hand? Your first step toward publication is to get your document into the computer. We can import your document either using OCR or a typist, then will check it for accuracy.

Editing & Research

You know what you want to say, but if you’ve got grammar, punctuation, tense, or general story-flow problems, your readers won’t get far before they put the book down. We can edit your work, from simple grammar and punctuation checks all the way to helping with narrative flow. If your book is of a technical nature, we can help you with a technical edit to ensure your book is appropriate for your technical audience. And if you have any fact-checking or other research that needs to be done, we can help.

Book Design

example-booksWhat size will your book be? Will it be produced in color? What will the margins be? Will it have a running head? Will it have an index? What fonts should you use? Will there be illustrations? Let Miller & Mattson help you figure all of this out.

Book Cover & Other Graphics

Does your book still need a cover or any illustrations for the inside? We work with top designers to produce cover art and illustrations that’s are right for your book.


LayoutExample-BuffyBookIf your book is non-fiction, you may want to include an index. Indexing is a process of deciding not just what terms to include, but which occurrences of the word, how to prioritize and categorize the index entries, and how to cross-reference them. Let us help you decide whether you should have an index and set it up for you.


Whether in MS Word or InDesign, let us turn your words into the final book. We know all the tricks, as well as the standards that are expected of a professional-looking book, including getting your ISBN and barcode. If you are still early in your writing process, let us know! Proper use of styles in your word processing program early on can make a big difference in how long it takes to layout your book later.


With all the pieces of the puzzle complete, let us take your book into production. We can prepare your final files and work with your printer, or we can work with online self-publishing tools such as Lulu or CreateSpace to get your book into online sales channels such as Amazon.com. We can even produce an eBook version of your book!


What do clients say?

BookExampleNorwoodDoug Norwood, Attorney | Norwood & Norwood (Dec 2014)
“We were at an impasse on how to format and produce our 1100-page book once it was written, but Kathleen Mattson came to the rescue. She was very knowledgeable in all matters of formatting and book production and was completely thorough in every step of the way. Her attention to detail was uncompromising, and yet she never lost sight of the contents as a whole. Her working with us made all the difference in the outcome of the final product, making the result completely professional and polished rather than anything less than that. We have more books in the wings and we will use Miller & Mattson on every one of them. We couldn’t be happier with all the work she did for us.”

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