If ever careful editing and precise language are required, it is in a specification. Like other technical documents, specifications must accurately communicate their subject to their technical audience. However the specification goes beyond merely informing its readers to literally defining the hardware, software, or other technology the reader is learning about.

We have worked on many software and hardware specifications, as well as FDA and ISO documentation where precision of language is paramount. If you’re just getting started, we can help you set up your spec team, choose your document format, and set up your documentation processes. If you’ve already been at this a while, we can help you assess your format and processes, or just help you with editing, layout, and more.

Whether as an ongoing member of your team or for one-off assignments, we’re ready to help you with your specs. Following are some of the specifications that we have worked on:

  • OpenMP API: We converted this document from MS Word to LaTeX and developed an accompanying API reference guide. [OpenMP Spec and reference guide]
  • Ki Cordless Kitchen: We participated with this spec team to provide some writing and especially editing and layout. [More about Ki]
  • OpenCL 1.0 Online Reference: Using a client-provided template, we set up the online reference for the OpenCL API using XSL/DocBook. [OpenCL 1.0 online reference]
  • Khronos APIs: We provided editing input on some of the Khronos specifications, but the bulk of our work with this consortium was in developing most of their API reference guides. [Khronos reference guides]
  • We have also provided support worke on specifications from the Car Connectivity Consortium, OpenRF, HSA, and more.

Consistency is important in any documentation project, but never more so than in a specification. We will work to your documented style guide, or will supply our own.