A picture can be worth far more than a mere thousand words.

Your brochures, videos, website, and presentations need more than carefully-chosen words and stock clip art—they need images of your products, 3D models, or video demonstrations. From full 3D prototypes starting from your specifications, to placing your products in new environments for a marketing brochure, we provide services in 3D modeling, image manipulation and restoration, and more.

3D modeling: Making imagination real

3D modeling allows us to create scenes and photo-realistic images of items that don’t physically exist. We can start with your description or, better yet, design specifications or CAD files. From there we can create detailed images and scenes that you can use on your website, in your marketing literature and more. This is useful for developing marketing pieces to promote products that are still in the design phase, for product prototyping, architectural rendering, trade show booth design, and much more.

Check out the samples: Click on an image below to open a full-size version.

3DTH-Lenses  3DTH-Satellite  3DTH-Marbles 3DTH-SingleChassis  3DTH-Sextant  3DTH-Scene  3DTH-classroom  3DTH_audioSystem  3DTH-sample

Photo retouching

Do you need to add another product to an existing photo? Fix the background in a headshot? Send us your digital photos and let us fix it for you.

We’re not a service that makes adjustments by machine. We’re digital artists with lots of experience fixing business and product photos, heirloom portraits, and more.

beforeAfter5 beforeAfter1